Sometimes you just need someone to help you break down what might seem like an overwhelming range of ideas and options into logical, manageable chunks so you can select the right building blocks for your business. Or you might have a hard working junior marketer in whom you want to invest and develop their marketing capability.

Coaching for start-ups

This is a good option if there are only one or two of you running the business and you haven’t quite got the budget for me to develop your strategy. I can help you navigate the complex world of online marketing and give you the focus you need to be successful. I’ll show you how to gain the most meaningful customer insights in a way that becomes part of your day to day business and I’ll work out with you how to use these insights to attract more visitors to your website. You’ll see in advance what we’ll cover at each session and you’ll get specific actions to work on between sessions. We can do it face to face if you are local to Glasgow or over the phone. Either way, you’ll be building your own knowledge and skills and you’ll get that brilliant feeling of being on the front foot.

Coaching for Marketers

This is a good option if you want to invest in the professional development of your marketer. You may have someone on your team who is prolific with the work they churn out for you but they have ambitions for being more strategic about what they are doing and making a bigger contribution to the company. I’ll share with them my experience and knowledge in the form of structured 1:1 sessions and half day masterclasses. The program will be designed to suit your business needs and their professional development plan. Rather than (or in addition to) attending an expensive generic marketing course in London, they will get training that is bespoke to your business and practical guidance on how to put what they have learnt into practice right away.