In a world of information overload, the only way to build your presence in a market prior to launch or to really stand out from the crowd is to understand your customers like you have never before. Only this way will you know the value of your innovation in the eyes of the customer, the content to publish, the search terms to optimise for and the context in which to present all this.

I help business and academic leaders in life sciences, healthcare and biotechnology do this in order to accelerate sales or achieve a successful launch.

Gaining the most Meaningful insights

I will help you to understand your current customers and the circumstances they were in way before they discovered your product or service. I’ll ask the right questions to identify the triggers, aspirations, challenges, influencers and process that led them to you. It’s these more emotive, meaningful insights that influence decision-making and I’ll use them to categorise your customer base. These “personas” will enable you to get incredibly smart about engaging with hundreds of people who are in a similar stage to where your existing customers started. This type of insight enables you to stand out from the crowd, speak their language and add value to them much earlier in the process than you could previously.

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Inspiring the whole team

What’s really exciting about this customer insight work is it inspires ideas and content generation from the whole team; your scientists, your sales people and the leadership team. Before you know it, the whole organisation is working together towards the goal of adding value to potential customers and building each team-member’s thought leadership in the field.

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