Inbound marketing is the practice of attracting more visitors to your website by understanding your customer’s circumstances and challenges and aligning your marketing and sales activities so that you add value to this process. The opportunity for life sciences enterprises to do this and to stand out from the competition is great.

Starting with the Customer

Businesses have changed the way they make purchase decisions more in the last five years than they had in the previous 50; decision-makers and buyers aren’t just looking the occasional thing up online, they are using content and social media to such an extent it dominates the decision-making process. In fact, business buyers are completing 50-70% of the process online before they engage with suppliers. They are educating themselves and forming their own set of criteria against which suppliers will be shortlisted or eliminated.

Gaining the right customer insights enables you to engage much earlier in this buying process than you could previously and in a way that builds your credibility and thought leadership in the field.

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Attracting more visitors to your website

The spirit of Inbound Marketing is to use these customer insights to identify ways in which you can add value to an audience that has not heard of your company yet. It’s important to be generous with your insight and knowledge and to build online rapport and trust before selling. By really understanding and empathising with your customer’s situation you’ll identify the search terms to rank for, the content to publish and the context within which to present it.

The best thing about this approach is that over just the last two years, Google and the social media platforms have become much more sophisticated at recognising and rewarding the most valuable content for their users - regardless of your company size or budget. This means that, with the right strategy, small and medium sized enterprises can punch well above their weight online.

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Capturing interest and nurturing leads

The more you get to know your customers and what they are looking for, the more you’ll be able to add value. Ultimately, you’ll be able to provide high quality assets for which the reader is prepared to engage with your site. This provides an opportunity to gently nurture their interest with more education and insight until they are at the shortlisting stage and ready to speak to company representatives.

In our sector there will always be a need for multiple conversations between the customer and your technical experts but imagine if these conversations were with people who already saw you as a thought leader in the field and had learnt from your online articles. And imagine if there were simply more of them.


Customers have always been influenced by their peer group and what others say about a product or service and the online platforms provide a golden opportunity to mobilise advocacy and reviews of your product or service. With the right customer insights and strategy you can get really specific with testimonials and provide the information new customers are looking for.

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