A robust analysis of the market along with real customer insights can add credibility, confidence and focus to your pitch for investment or funding. I use the analytical discipline and processes I gained from big pharma to find the most meaningful data and build a picture that supports your ambition for the organisation.

Through my work with life sciences SMEs and my role at Life Sciences Scotland I have learnt what investors and funding competitions look for in pitches and the documents that support them and I’ll apply this learning to your business.

Detailed analysis, clear conclusions

I’ll apply the process and techniques that deliver a thorough description of the market from different angles. I’ll analyse market reports and online articles to find the most meaningful conclusions about the environment, the market and the competition. This will be combined with real customer insights that investors love to hear about and will inform the perceived value of your product or service. All of this is distilled into a concise, evidence-based summary of the current reality from which a focused plan can be developed.

To find out what this might look like for your organisation let’s meet or have a chat over the phone.