Privacy Policy

I probably feel the same as you about filling in forms online – I don’t want it to be shared, I don’t want to be sold to and I don’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant emails.  So below is my Privacy Policy: I don’t share your info, I certainly don’t sell it to anyone else and I promise not to email you about unrelated topics.  I’ll simply use it in response to the enquiry you made.

The data I collect

I will only ask for information that enables me to contact you and helps me be really specific about the information I provide.  This is likely to be:

  • your name
  • your email address
  • a drop down that refines your circumstances or area of interest

I might ask for your company but, again, this is only so I can tailor my response.

What I do with your info

I will only use your information to respond to your question or enquiry.  If you have asked to be kept up to date with my Masterclasses, I will use your data to do just that.  If you have indicated you are interested in a particular subject area or Masterclass, I will send you education or insights that I think might be helpful to you. I will make sure any emails I send you are specific to the enquiry you made or the area of interest you have expressed. 

I do not share your data and I certainly don’t sell it to third parties.  This is just about you, me and the value I am hoping to add to your day.


As you will see, my website is an https site which means any information you enter and submit is automatically encrypted so that third parties cannot steal your information as it travels to me. 

Links to other sites

Sometimes I will refer to some information or insight that I think is really useful in the form of a hyperlink to an external website.  Whilst I think their content is awesome, I am not responsible for their privacy policy and any data you may go on to share with them.

Removing your data

And of course, if you’ve moved on – professionally or cognitively – you can always ask me to remove your details from my records.  Of if you think I’ve had your data for too long or have misunderstood your area of interest, you can contact me anytime.  You can email me at or phone me on +44 (0)7960 132970.