For ambitious business leaders on a mission to accelerate sales performance or achieve a product launch that exceeds expectations, traditional marketing methods may not deliver the results you need. That’s because, nowadays, up to 70% of the decision-making process for a major business purchase or venture is carried out online - before engaging with suppliers.

Business decision-makers are opting to educate themselves and form their own opinions online and this presents an opportunity for small enterprises to punch well above their weight in the market and in a way that costs less than traditional promotional tactics. I help life sciences and healthcare businesses grasp this opportunity and get the highest return on their efforts.

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Bespoke to your current reality

I’ll objectively review your current online activities against best practice in responding to business decision-making. I’ll also use industry-standard tools to identify the search terms with which Google associates your website, where you rank and how credible Google rates your site. Plus, I can give you the same information for your competitors.

This highlights the best opportunities for you to make a bigger impact in the market and provides focus for the team. And because I translate the best practice into specific tactics, you’ll know exactly how to start.

Bespoke to your customers

Furthermore, I can help you gain meaningful customer insights to give you a strategy built on the specific buying behaviour of the people you want to attract to your site. You’ll get a detailed content strategy with guidance on how to optimise this content for search engines. You’ll also get recommendations for how to capture the interest you’ve generated and how to nurture that interest into leads for your customer-facing team. I’ll show you and your team the best practice for implementing this strategy so you can start right away. Find out more about my approach to gaining the most meaningful customer insights →

Bespoke to you

It all starts with an informal chat about you and your business goals so I can provide you with some options for how I can help you in a way that is proportionate to your budget and resources. You can work with me to the extent that suits you and you don’t have to worry about paying for agency overheads as you’ll only be investing in the work I deliver for you. Find out about my experience and the people I’ve worked for →