Through my Marketing masterclasses, I'll share with you the most useful things I learnt during my marketing and sales career in big pharma as well the technical knowledge you need to increase your online presence and capture the interest you've generated.  All of my courses have practical workshops so you can start to apply what you've learnt to your own business before you've even left the building.  

The masterclasses are currently held across Scotland and reflect the priorities of digital marketing in 2018 and the strategies that had the biggest impact on the success of my brands in the pharmaceutical industry.  








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You'll learn how to create an evidence-based, single-minded marketing plan that:

  • Demonstrates return on investment
  • Makes the biggest impact from your budget
  • Aligns the team
  • Engages senior management 
  • Gets funded

This is possibly the most powerful skill and tool you could have as a marketer.  I would even go so far as to say this discipline was the reason for my previous career successes; it gave me confidence, authority and decision-making.  You’ll get a process that produces a single-minded, evidence-based plan.  We’ll achieve this through sessions on:

  • Market analysis
  • Gaining customer insights
  • Competitor analysis
  • Achieving a single-minded strategy
  • Messaging that communicates value and differentiates
  • Demonstrating return on investment



There are just too many variables and too many unknowns in the business buying process now to apply generic marketing tactics; only meaningful customer insight can point you in the right direction.  And I don't mean expensive demographic data such as job titles and size of organisations. I'm talking about gaining a deep understanding of the human being with whom you are trying to engage.  This class will give you practical steps to gaining this insight by showing you:

  • The factors that drive business decision making behaviour
  • Methods of gaining customer insights and the role of each method
  • How to develop Buyer Personas that will define your strategies 
  • Using customer insights to attract more visitors to your website and nurture the interest you've generated



Inbound marketing is the process of understanding online business buying behaviour so you can respond to it in such a way that you add value to your prospective customers much earlier in their decision-making process than you have historically.  As a result, you attract real people in to your website rather than pushing your messages out to the internet. This introduction to Inbound Marketing and Sales will include:

  • Business buying behaviour in 2018 and beyond
  • The Inbound approach to responding to this and the key building blocks
  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation - the most important bits
  • The role of Social Media in B2B marketing
  • Optimising your website for lead generation
  • Nurturing leads with email marketing within GDPR
  • An introduction to Advocacy development and mobilisation

This is the thinking marketer's marketing and I promise you will leave feeling very excited about the future.



Even though most of the business buying decision making process is carried out online, I get that there are some conferences and events at which you need to be present.  They are a decent investment - sometimes a significant chunk out of your budget - and this course has been created to help you maximise the return you get from that investment.  The course will explain how you can get the most out of a conference or event through:

  • Using Twitter best-practice to increase your audience 
  • Generating content that attracts more visitors to your website
  • Capturing interest that can be nurtured into leads
  • Gaining valuable customer insights 
  • Identifying opportunities to differentiate 
  • Assessing return on investment



This is for spin-outs, marketers and business owners with a product or service to launch in the next 6 - 24 months. In this course I will share with you the most useful elements of my experience in launching Amgen's priority monoclonal antibody at the time.  I'll combine this with everything I've learnt about building an online presence on a shoe-string budget.  Specifically, you'll get guidance on:

  • Creating a launch strategy that focuses on the priorities that will make the biggest and quickest impact on your revenue
  • Setting the strategy up to assess return on investment
  • Gaining customer insights that give you a head start in the market
  • Building an online presence; it's never too early to start
  • Advocacy development and mobilisation


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